Startups of the Month 🚀 March Edition

Startups of the Month 🚀 March Edition

Discover the most innovative startups that received investments and made headlines in March.

Rafaella Vieira
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Startups of the Month 🚀 March Edition

Edition Sponsor: This edition of the Startups of the Month report is supported by EDP, a prominent corporation in the Brazilian innovation ecosystem and a client of Sling Hub.

Among the 27 startups highlighted in this report, 7 received investment in 2024

Among them, it's worth noting Tenchi Security, which raised USD$7M, as well as Solfácil, which just received USD$120K and the Argentine Agrotoken, which raised USD$12.5M in a pre-Series A round.

Speaking of acquisitions and CVC investments, I highlight Clarke, acquired by Energisa and Vertown, which attracted the attention of none other than ArcelorMittal and Irani, who are now partners of CleanTech.

This month's ranking brought some novelties. Starting with the 1st position, conquered by Ecomilhas, another CleanTech. The startup aims to generate USD$1M this year with its solution that helps corporations reduce their CO2 emissions by encouraging employees to commute through walking, biking, electric vehicles, public transport and even adopting ethanol as an alternative to fossil fuel in private vehicles, through cash refunds and gift cards.

"In 2024, Ecomilhas will focus on multiplying CO2 emission reduction cases, as executed in major accounts such as Serasa, Stellantis, Volkswagen and Grupo Fleury. We expect to be the benchmark in the clean mobility agenda, driven by a growing demand for ESG solutions, with companies and individuals actively seeking to reduce their carbon footprints through more conscious transportation choices," says Lucas Nicoleti, CEO of Ecomilhas.

The 2nd position was conquered by Blip, which announced changes in top leadership amidst global expansion.

"Our operation is evolving and becoming increasingly robust and complex. We now have operations on two continents and this expansion movement will only grow, crossing more and more borders," says Roberto Oliveira, CEO of Blip.

The RetailTech also stated that they are already considering an IPO.

Hauseful once again emerges as a standout startup of the month, sharing the 2nd place spot with Blip. In the latest edition of the Startups of the Month report 🚀 February Edition, the PropTech company secured the 1st place position. 

Sharing the 3rd place spot are Neoron and Tenchi Security.

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Analysis of the results by João Ventura, CEO and Founder of Sling Hub and Startup Copilot

FinTechs, EnergyTechs and CleanTechs were the sectors most sought after by corporations practicing open innovation. On one hand, we observe a consistent interest in financial solutions, reinforcing that this sector is one of the most promising in the Brazilian ecosystem. Meanwhile, the pursuit of EnergyTechs and CleanTechs underscores how corporations are committed to implementing the ESG agenda. It's worth highlighting that 80% of the most accessed startups had some media appearance this year, appearances that highlighted fundraising and, furthermore, how the solutions of these startups have impacted the LatAm innovation scene. 

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Did you see that?

Ease Labs, a medicinal cannabis startup, raises USD$4.9M with Airborne Ventures and L5 Capital Partners, an American management company

Lexter.AI, a startup that combines GPT-4 with proprietary artificial intelligence to optimize the work of lawyers, raises USD$3M in a seed round led by Alexia Ventures

Inner AI, a platform for AI to organize thoughts, enhance creativity and perform tasks more swiftly, raises USD$2.7M with Canary

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