Startups of the Month 🚀 February Edition

Startups of the Month 🚀 February Edition

Rafaella Vieira
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Presenting to you the inaugural edition of the Startups of the Month report!

Every month, we'll unveil the startups that have garnered the most attention from corporations and investors in their searches.

We're talking about names like Ambev, Itaú, Google, Elo, Amazon, Valor Capital and Bossa Invest, clients of Sling Hub, utilizing the platform to discover startups ideal for their challenges!

⏩ Let's dive into this month's highlights:

Hauseful, a Santa Catarina-based startup revolutionizing real estate services through a digital platform, stole the spotlight in February.

Check out what Hauseful's CEO, Pablo Ramirez Chacón, shared about the startup's strategy for 2024:

"In 2024, we enhanced field services (inspections, assessments, checklists) through our technology. It enables companies with in-house teams to work efficiently alongside Hauseful partners, reducing costs and time spent on travel, calculating repair budgets, utilizing financial tools, and minimizing human errors in reports through the increasing presence of AI in the Proptech market."

Next up is the Colombian FinTech, Bold. They raised USD$50M with General Atlantic last month.

CondoConta and Tenchi Security share the 3rd position as the most accessed startups. The former, a FinTech, secured funding at the end of 2023, while the latter, a SaaS platform, completed a Series A in February.

Check out all the startups from February.

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Sling Hub is the largest LatAm platform used by corporations and investors. In February alone, there were +3.4K accesses and +1.6K startups sought.

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⏩ Did you see this?

Pilea Labs, a startup offering a tool to measure the scalability potential of e-commerce influence channels, raises USD$167K with DOMO.VC.

Nextron, connecting renewable energy generators with consumers through subscriptions, raises USD$5,2M with Vox Capital and Copel's CVC.

Traive, a startup linking agricultural credit lines to the capital market, secures USD$20M with Banco do Brasil.

⏩ For today, that's all!

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you enjoyed another edition of Copilot News!

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