Antler: Investing in Embryonic Innovations

Antler: Investing in Embryonic Innovations

Discover how Antler is supporting startups from day zero and investing in nascent ideas

Rafaella Vieira
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Overview for this edition:

Pre-Seed investment for innovations that haven't even existed

Brazilian startups lead corporate searches ranking

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The ideal fund for embryonic innovations

With a robust portfolio boasting 1K invested startups worldwide, Antler has positioned itself as a driving force behind embryonic ideas.

The fund has already disbursed over US$ 3M, strategically distributed across 22 investments in Brazil.

Optimistic projections for the coming years reveal Antler's plan to invest an additional US$ 40M in Brazilian startups between 2022 and 2032.

It seems that this ambition is well underway. In 2023, 12 investments were made and in just the first three months of 2024, 10 notable investments have already been completed.

Who secured funding with Antler this year 👇

Arca, Avnue, Buzzmates, Cercle, Conducco, Easy Telling, Govy, Onstoq, Vizineo and Znit

Antler: supporting entrepreneurs from day zero

When analyzing fund theses, we identify common characteristics. Typically, funds seek startups that have already achieved product-market fit, for example.

Antler, however, takes a different approach to investment. 

Through its Residency Program, the fund supports building businesses from scratch, believing in the potential of nascent ideas.

The program aims to empower entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and address challenges at the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey.

Participants in the residency spend 10 weeks in a unique innovation environment where individuals in the earliest stages of the founder's journey can find potential co-founders, generate business ideas, build their startups and potentially receive pre-seed investment.

In Brazil, Antler has supported over 200 founders in creating more than 75 startups. Globally, they have assisted 6K founders.

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Profile of businesses invested by Antler

Antler is sector-agnostic and indifferent to business models. With over 30 different industries globally, from FoodTech to CleanTech, Antler focuses on the capacity and complementarity of founding teams.

Whether B2B or B2C, diversity is celebrated and innovative vision is the common denominator.

According to Marcelo Ciampolini, Partner at Antler in Brazil, to be part of Antler's portfolio, the founding team needs complementary skills and functions and a high execution capability.

"The problem to be solved must be significant enough for people to pay a lot for a solution. Having a good strategy – and clarity on go-to-market and customer acquisition, as well as a good MVP idea – are also significant differentiators," adds Ciampolini.

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Brazilian startups lead corporate searches ranking

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