Who are the startup founders in Brazil?

Who are the startup founders in Brazil?

The profile of Brazilian startup founders and the impact on the innovation ecosystem

Rafaella Vieira
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⏩ Startup founders: who are they? Where do they live? What do they eat?

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⏩ Market

LatAm startup market Q1 2024 overview

Q1 2024 has come to an end and investment trends in Latin American startups bring positive signals. Despite an 18% YoY decrease in the number of rounds, total investment grew by 24%, reaching $1.4B, with median round sizes surging 34% YoY to $2M.

Brazil outperformed the regional average, capturing $721M, marking a 39% YoY increase, and median rounds grew by 56%, reaching $1.5M.

A striking data point is that none of the five largest Latin American rounds this year were equity rounds—two were receivables funds and three were debt.

Emerging sectors like energy and telecom saw significant boosts, propelled by substantial rounds in Brazilian firms Solfácil ($121M) and Elea Digital ($117.4M), while fintechs ranked in only two of the top five rounds.

On the other hand, the year kicked off with a slower pace in M&A activity, with a 44% decline from Q1 2023, totaling two mergers and 39 acquisitions.

Check out all the insights from the report here.

⏩ Who are the startup founders in Brazil?

Startup founders: who are they? Where do they live? What do they eat?

The profile of those who undertake says a lot about the purpose of the business and the values that innovation delivers to society. After all, the entrepreneur puts a face on the business, and with that, their characteristics transcend innovation.

knowing the profile of entrepreneurs is vital to understanding the composition of the innovation ecosystem. Is the ecosystem becoming increasingly diverse? Are women taking on more leadership roles? Are more entrepreneurs being born outside the traditional SP-RJ axis?

These questions and many more will be addressed in the report "Entrepreneur Map 2024: Who are the startup founders in Brazil?," an unprecedented analysis conducted by Startup Copilot and Sling Hub.

The survey, to be launched on April 29th, aims to reach all CEOs and C-levels of the more than 34K Brazilian startups. From startups in the ideation process to those that have already received investments.

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Check out the highlights of the week's funding rounds

🇧🇷 Brazil

Skyone acquires FWC for USD$2.8M

Newsco, creator of an AI-driven news aggregation app, raises a USD$307K pre-seed round

LiveMode, a sports and media company owner of CazéTV, raises with XP Private Equity and General Atlantic

Banks estimate to invest USD$9.1M in technology in 2024

🇲🇽 🇨🇴 LatAm

Toku, a software platform and consultancy for billing, raises USD$9.3M to strengthen operations in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico

Dapta, a platform that facilitates API and AI integrations for companies, raises a pre-seed round of USD$1.2M

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