Money on the Horizon

Money on the Horizon

Rafaella Vieira
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Have you ever imagined raising a Series A through crowdfunding? 👀

Overview for this edition:

Funds announce new funding rounds

⏩ What to expect in 2024 for Latin American startups?

⏩ Six opportunities to collaborate with iFood

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⏩ Did you see that?

Money on the horizon: Funds announce new fundraising

Early in the year and few funding rounds. The highlight of the week goes to Agrotoken, specializing in the tokenization of agricultural commodities, which raised US$12.5M.

Keeping an eye on the funds, I have good news. It seems that money will be pouring in different investment modalities.

Crowdfunding will have rounds above US$2.3M, says Captable

Rural Ventures aims to raise US$12M for agro startups

Domo.VC plans to raise around US$50.8M to invest in up to 30 early stage startups

Last but not least...

Startup Copilot was featured on the Startups portal! The article explains how Startup Copilot, the innovation arm of Sling Hub, enters the market to support entrepreneurs in their growth journeys.

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What to expect in 2024 for Latin American startups?

In 2023, larger funding rounds disappeared and Latin American startups raised 50% less. For the new year that begins, the question arises: how will startups weather the storm?

Less interest rates? More investments? More mergers than acquisitions? Room for non-FinTech startups to grow? Is AI still in the hype?

All these questions were answered by a team of experts who believe that 2024 promises to be an optimistic year for LatAm startups. Check out the full analysis.

Open Challenges

Six opportunities to work with iFood

In addition to hiring the most innovative startups, iFood will offer mentoring, networking and acceleration in some cases. Check out the details of the opportunities 👇

🎯 Revolutionizing Customer Experience in Restaurants with SaaS

🎯 Innovation in Payments for SaaS Startups for Restaurants

🎯 Revolutionizing Point of Sale (POS) for restaurants

🎯 +3 iFood opportunities just on the platform

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