Internet queen, Mary Meeker, invests in Brazilian startup

Internet queen, Mary Meeker, invests in Brazilian startup

Mary Meeker, known as the internet queen, makes her first investment in a Brazilian startup, shaking up the tech scene in Brazil.

Rafaella Vieira
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Overview of this edition

⏩ Mary Meeker, internet queen, invests for the first time in a Brazilian startup

⏩ Indicator Capital, Astella and bossa invest lead investments in AI

⏩ Still time to participate in the Entrepreneur Map 2024

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🇧🇷 Brazil

NG.CASH, FinTech designed for Generation Z, raises USD$12.6M with monashees

Salvy, a startup offering data and telephony plans, raises USD$1.9M with Pioneer, an American fund and with Arash Ferdowsi, an Iranian-American fund

CRMBonus, known for popularizing giftback in the Brazilian retail market, raises a Series B worth USD$77.8M with Bond, by Mary Meeker. This is Mary's first investment in a Brazilian startup

🇲🇽 LatAm

Aplazo, Mexican FinTech, raises USD$70M with Oak HC/FT, Kaszek, and Picus Capital

⏩ AI Investment

Indicator Capital, Astella and bossa invest are among the most active investors in AI startups in Brazil

AI startups are increasingly gaining prominence in innovation. In our quarterly report, in collaboration with Itaú BBA, we revealed that Brazilian AI startups raised USD$110M in the first quarter of 2024.

In the last quarter, Indicator Capital was the most active investor, participating in 3 rounds. The invested startups were:

umgrauemeio, a ClimaTech using AI to combat forest fires, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and detect smoke signals, raised USD$3.6M

Cogtive BR, a startup developing AI solutions for digital management and bottleneck identification on the factory floor, raised USD$1.9M

Neowrk, a startup combining hardware, software and AI to optimize workspace management, also raised USD$1.9M

Astella and bossa invest invested in two businesses each, respectively. They are:

Traive, connecting agricultural credit lines to the capital market through proprietary AI, raising USD$20M

Gabriel, a security camera startup integrated with AI software, raising USD$6.8M

WeConecta, participant in the INOVA Project, which will allocate up to USD$145K in investment

Celera, with no mentioned investment amount in the media

🔍 At Sling Hub, we classify AI startups into two categories: AI-first (with AI as the core of their product and proprietary technology) and AI-enabled (leveraging AI to enhance their business model without AI being the core or proprietary).

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⏩ Entrepreneur Map 2024

Who are the founding individuals of startups in Brazil?

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To build a truly inclusive tomorrow, we need to understand the diversity landscape when it comes to founding individuals of startups.

Knowing the composition of teams reveals whether we are on the right path, where women, Black individuals, seniors, LGBTQIAPN+ individuals and PWDs (People with Disabilities) take on leadership positions more frequently.

Therefore, participation from entrepreneurs from minority groups is essential in the Entrepreneur Map 2024!

Participate in the survey "Who are the founding individuals of startups in Brazil" and highlight the diversity that drives innovation! 

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