Major funding rounds in Latin America involving corporate participation

Major funding rounds in Latin America involving corporate participation

Discover the major funding rounds in Latin America that attracted corporate participation and learn how major corporations are backing investments in the innovation ecosystem.

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Check out the rounds of the week

🇧🇷 Brazil

FUNSES 1 invests USD$551K in five new startups: Conducco, Global Touch, MVGI, Taxly and Twiggy Cap

Celcoin, a financial infrastructure company, raises USD$119M with Summit Partners

Konsi, a startup specializing in facilitating public payroll loans through comparative analysis, raises USD$1M

Mercado Diferente, a FoodTech subscription service for healthy foods, raises USD$1.65M with Collaborative Fund and Caravela Capital

🇲🇽 🇦🇷 LatAm

Clip, a Mexican unicorn, raises USD$100M

Ximple, a Mexican FinTech offering credit access to families and entrepreneurs without traditional income verification or credit history, raises USD$2.7M

Kilimo, an Argentine CleanTech helping multinational and regional corporations achieve water security goals, raises USD$7.5M

⏩ CVC spotlight

Major corporations are also backing investments in the innovation ecosystem

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Sling Hub highlighted some of the major funding rounds in Latin America in May that involved corporate participation or Corporate Venture Capitals (CVCs).

CloudWalk, Inc. 🤝 Itaú BBA

The Brazilian FinTech raised USD$308M through Credit Rights Investment Funds (FIDCs), marking the largest funding round of the year in Latin America. Itaú BBA led the fund structuring, with Bradesco BBI and Banco BV as coordinators.

Félix 🤝 MercadoLibre

The Mexican remittance startup secured USD$15.5M in its Series A round, with Mercado Libre's CVC fund as an investor. Castle Island Ventures, Switch Ventures and HTwenty also participated.

Celes 🤝 FEMSA Ventures, Noa Capital Partners, Wayra Hispam

The RetailTech Celes closed a USD$3M seed round, attracting investment from CVCs such as FEMSA Ventures, Noa Capital Partners and Wayra Hispam. The round also included MatterScale Ventures and other investors.

👉🏽 You can learn more about the innovation ecosystem in our May report with Itaú BBA. Download it here

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